Good news for people who are sensitive to artificial colors and flavors: Necco Wafers are going all natural. The new Necco colors will be sourced from natural material: purple cabbage, turmeric, beet juice. The flavors will also be natural … which is sort of a good thing, except that the manufacturer will continue to offer wintergreen (pink wafers), licorice (gray), and clove (purple), along with more popular flavors like orange, lemon, cinnamon, and chocolate.

There was a casualty in the switch, though: There are no more green Necco Wafers. No great loss. They were reputedly lime flavored, though as one commenter cracked on Slashfood, “They taste like Pine-Sol.” Slashfood also points out that the same company that makes Necco Wafers also makes Conversation Hearts at Valentine’s. Yeah. That makes sense.

Image source: Flickr member House Of Sims under Creative Commons

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