As summer approaches and the temperature rises, a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge is a refreshing treat. Hounds go beyond lemon, adding a variety of flavors to their teas.

THewat mixes equal parts brewed black tea and apricot nectar. “This is exactly as good as the apricot nectar, so find a brand you like,” she says. ipsedixit adds sliced ginger and dried goji berries to iced tea, and Hank Hanover sweetens his iced tea with vanilla, peach, or raspberry Torani syrup. “I made a pitcher of green tea infused with a small dose of coconut water, muddled lychee, and a touch of lemon verbena,” says HillJ. “Just drank my first glass and it was wonderfully refreshing.”

If you prefer an herbal brew, try peppermint tea sweetened with honey. Many hounds are also fans of hibiscus and rose hip Red Zinger for iced tea. Mexican agua de jamaica (hibiscus iced tea with sugar syrup and lime) is “pretty, pink, and tart and sweet,” says limoen.

Hounds also recommend using pieces of frozen fruit, such as peach slices, watermelon chunks, or berries, in place of ice cubes to chill tea and add flavor.

CHOW’s Mint and Lime Iced Tea is a sweet green tea drink.

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