“With teams of Chowhounds criss-crossing the San Gabriel Valley looking for the newest restaurant openings, it’s hard to believe that an authentic Hunan style restaurant could have opened in the SGV months ago without garnering some degree of attention,” says Chandavkl. But they’ve missed Yummy, which has been open for months. “And even if you spot Yummy, you’d likely dismiss it as an Americanized ‘greasy chopsticks’ operation as my tipster did,” says Chandavkl. And even if you went in, what you’d find is what looks like a Vietnamese restaurant highlighting their pho.

But this is a real Hunan restaurant, with a full Hunan menu of hundreds of items, including a dozen Hunan fish dishes, mostly fish head or whole fish dishes. And it’s mostly quite spicy—even the stuff not marked as spicy.

There seems to be a Vietnamese menu too, possibly catering to the local Vietnamese community. Be sure to ask for the Hunan menu.

Yummy [San Gabriel Valley]
2541 Rosemead Boulevard, El Monte

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