bolonpinpon is a South American expatriate left dissatisfied with local Ecuadoran restaurants. “I had almost completely lost hope… until just recently, when I happened upon a man selling Ecuadorian hallacas” on the street at night. “I don’t even know if what he does is legal, but the hallacas are delicious and very authentic, and I wished I could have bought a whole bucket of them!” says bolonpinpon.

Hallacas are made of cornmeal and wrapped in banana leaves, rather like a Central American tamale. The Ecuadoran version is stuffed with chicken, peanut sauce, raisins, olives, and other delicious tidbits; it’s savory and a little sweet.

The hallacas man wanders around on Venice Boulevard in the vicinity of the bar Saints & Sinners.

The Hallacas Man [Westside–Inland]
Near Saints & Sinners
10899 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles

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