Grandma pizza, the home-style sauce-over-cheese Sicilian variant, is better known on Long Island than in the city, though it seems to be pushing westward. Mike R. loves the one at Ciccio’s in Brooklyn: “it’s got all the right flavor, with sweet rich tomatoes and the burnished edge like good Sicilian pies should have.” As long as you’re there, he adds, check out the special fresh-mozzarella slice and the regular slice (with relatively rare sesame-seed crust).

There’s another great grandma pizza, in Queens, advises Jeffsayyes, at Louie’s in Elmhurst. The regular slice is also hound-worthy, boasting a very thin crust with a nice crisping of flour. This relative newcomer is “seriously good,” icelandadam declares, and especially welcome in a neighborhood where first-rate pizza is scarce.

Ciccio’s Pizza [Gravesend]
207 Avenue U (at W. Fifth Street), Brooklyn

Louie’s Pizza [Elmhurst]
81-34 Baxter Avenue (between Ithaca and Judge streets), Elmhurst, Queens

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