Interesting news from Chowhound bina: The 193 Atlantic Avenue space recently home to pizzeria Reginella—which occupied the space for just two years—is now Catania, and bina finds its Sicilian snacks “really delicious.” She ordered “an anchovy and olive stuffed bread/pastry thing. It sort of looked like a fried calzone,” and was “salty, but not overpowering and with a greasy (in a good way), crunchy crust.” Even though she wasn’t actually hungry when she placed her order, she found the sardines irresistible: “stuffed with raisins and parsley (maybe nuts?), breaded and fried. These were spectacular. I’m still thinking about them and thankful that I still have half left in my fridge to have for dinner tonight.”

Wow! bina would “encourage others to try the place.” Have any other hounds stopped by? missmasala declares she’ll “try it for lunch on my bi-weekly Sahadi’s-Damascus-Trader Joe’s run.” Please report back, hounds!

Catania [Cobble Hill]
193 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

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