Romolo’s Ice Cream, Cannoli & Spumoni Factory is going ghoulish for Halloween, with “witches’ fingers” that are actually mildly sweet, almond-flavored cookies with red-dyed almonds as the fingernails.

Still, the main game is the cannoli, filled to order (they can give you a squeeze bag to fill the pastries yourself if you’re on the go). “The pastry part was the best I’ve had so far in this part of the world—fragile crispness, bubbly and well-browned, rich in flavor,” says Melanie Wong. But the creamy richness of the filling wasn’t quite to her taste, which runs more to “the rustic graininess of ricotta.”

ssfire dings Romolo’s cannoli filling for being way too sweet but agrees that “the shell is heavenly; it’s very flavorful, and super light.” In comparison, cannoli at the Prolific Oven have a better filling but not as good a shell; the cannoli at La Biscotteria have a flavorful shell that’s not as light and a heavy, crumbly filling that’s more like ricotta cheesecake. And A Slice of New York for some reason imports cannoli shells from Long Island that are tough. The filling, though, is smooth, creamy, and not too sweet—with a shell from Romolo’s, it would be perfection.

Romolo’s Ice Cream, Cannoli & Spumoni Factory [Peninsula]
81 37th Avenue, San Mateo

The Prolific Oven [East Bay]
43337 Boscell Road, Fremont

La Biscotteria [Peninsula]
2747 El Camino Real, Redwood City

A Slice of New York [South Bay]
3443 Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose

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