With a preference for dry-process Ethiopians that offer the faintest whiff of blueberry, scarmoza opens a conversation on the best seasonal, single-origin coffee beans roasted in the Bay Area. Taste-wise, scarmoza’s top slot is occupied by Verve Coffee Roasters’ Worka, an heirloom varietal grown in southern Ethiopia.

Ridge gives the thumbs-up to Blue Bottle’s Ethiopia Sidamo Nura Korate Farmers Co-op beans, which are the only dry-process Ethiopian beans on offer there right now. He describes the taste as “low acid and smooth, somewhat cocoa-like with complex flavors.” Another option this intrepid coffee-hound plans to explore is Moschetti out in Vallejo.

Verve Coffee Roasters [North Central Coast]
816 41st Avenue, Santa Cruz

Blue Bottle [SOMA]
66 Mint Street, San Francisco

Moschetti [Solano County]
11 Sixth Street, Vallejo

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