Alcademics: What’s more important than how your food gets to your plate? How your gin is crafted. —Amy

Eat Like a Girl: Da Polpo, a new place to add to the Wanna Go list next time I’m in London. —Amy

Sprinkle Bakes: It’s Pavlovian: Summer comes and I crave lemony desserts. I love these individual meringues … complete with a butter cookie shovel! (See photo at left.) —Lisa

Blog About Beer: Representin’ my Midwestern peeps with a rib- or steak-worthy porter named after a doomed ship … and a Gordon Lightfoot classic. —Lisa

Alinea at Home: I’m intrigued yet slightly nervous about a ham and passion fruit ice cream sandwich. —Christine

The Sweet Beet: If you’re trying to cut out sugar, don’t replace it with artificial sweeteners—try these sweetly spiced and scented ingredients instead. —Christine

Thursday Night Smackdown: Brisket from raw to smoked, in tantalizing images. —Omer

The Ethicurean: The bluefin tuna is being fished out of existence, but the politics and economics of the issue paralyze progress. —Omer

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