little.tiger loves number 137 on the menu at MuLan, “bean curd with dry bean sauce,” a dish that features “a crunchy, salty, slightly sweet crushed dry bean topping over silken tofu in a sweetened soy sauce with broccoli.” But what are those delicious little “dry beans”?

They’re dried soy beans that have been “glazed with some sugary substance and deep-fried,” says Luther. “Honey-roasted soy nuts, basically.”

Dou su jiang, or “fried crispy soy bean sauce” is a common Taiwanese condiment, and is often found as a topping for fish. “It’s quite a bit better on the tofu,” says Luther, “perhaps just because you can enjoy the sweet/salty without having to add ‘tender mild white fish’ to the combo.”

MuLan [Cambridge]
228 Broadway, Cambridge

Board Link: Taiwanese food experts: what are the “dry beans” in Mulan’s “bean curd with dry bean sauce”?

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