Here on the West Coast, most lobster Benedicts are either too small, or “can best be described as ‘long time no sea,’” says Servorg. But not so at the wonderful Mollies Famous Café. “This is a huge portion of quite nice New England lobster meat, excellent hollandaise and two perfectly poached eggs with soft yolks … along with a raft of country potatoes done with a nice brown crust,” describes Servorg. The whole mess is a mere $11.50, which is more than fair.

Mollies is, in general, a great local breakfast spot, says Servorg, and it also has wonderful apple butter. Beware, though: There are other, similarly named restaurants in the area that bear no relation to this one, and aren’t nearly as good.

Mollies Famous Café [Orange County]
32033 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano

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