Soup’s on, just in time for this month’s rude preview of winter. ferdia says Mexican hound haunt Taqueria Coatzingo makes two of the best broths in Queens: a rich, porky posole (spike it to taste with lime juice, cilantro, onion, and cumin) and spicy, bright red chilate de pollo, full of chunks of tender chicken and hauntingly scented with an unnamed Mexican herb (2slices guesses it’s papalo, which also turns up in Coatzingo’s terrific cemitas). Either of these soups is a meal in itself, ferdia advises.

A few blocks up the street, Jose Fish Market, a go-to spot for Jackson Heights hounds, is on its game, dishing up cheap, delicious seafood soups: “Surprisingly good and very well seasoned,” says janethepain, especially with some hot sauce and a squeeze of lemon.

For lentil soup with a Turkish kick, phylrose suggests the ezogelin at Mangal in Sunnyside. (Get it with a slice of lahmacun, the crisp lamb flatbread, urges Anicca.) megc counts on Il Bambino in Astoria for “pretty kickass soups.” Recent choices have included split pea or Tuscan white bean with prosciutto; an autumnal pumpkin-apple; and a popular smoked-tomato bisque.

In Long Island City, Sage General Store also makes excellent soups, including daily vegetarian choices, phylrose reports. Coming up this week: chicken-vegetable with lime, roasted tomato-fennel, and roasted butternut squash, among others.

Thai soups can deliver heat in more than one way. ferdia goes for num tok noodle soup at Chao Thai in Elmhurst, which can be ordered with beef or pork, and light or dark (that is, enriched with pork blood). Nearby Ayada makes a killer beef tendon soup, also offered light or dark. icelandadam swears by it.

For a restorative tonic, ferdia recommends the Malaysian-style bak kut teh at Taste Good, which is a rich brew with medicinal herbs, fried tofu, and pork stomach and rib (just the thing to scare away the swine flu).

And Miss Needle fortifies herself at Woo Chon with sachul jungol, a spicy Korean lamb casserole with vegetables and perilla (shiso) seeds. “Stick-to-your-ribs hearty comfort food for the winter,” she promises.

Taqueria Coatzingo [Jackson Heights]
76-05 Roosevelt Avenue (near 76th Street), Jackson Heights, Queens

Jose Fish Market [Jackson Heights]
81-04 Roosevelt Avenue (near 81st Street), Jackson Heights, Queens

Mangal [Sunnyside]
46-20 Queens Boulevard (between 46th and 47th streets), Sunnyside, Queens

Il Bambino [Astoria]
34-08 31st Avenue (near 34th Street), Astoria, Queens

Sage General Store [Long Island City]
24-20 Jackson Avenue (between 45th Avenue and 45th Road), Long Island City, Queens

Chao Thai [Elmhurst]
85-03 Whitney Avenue (near Broadway), Elmhurst, Queens

Ayada [Elmhurst]
77-08 Woodside Avenue (between 77th and 78th streets), Elmhurst, Queens

Taste Good [Elmhurst]
82-18 45th Avenue (between 82nd and 83rd streets), Elmhurst, Queens

Woo Chon [Flushing]
41-19 Kissena Boulevard (near Main Street), Flushing, Queens

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