Rocky free-range chicken? Check. Niman Ranch pork? Check. Homemade tortillas? Yeah, those too.

Taco Grill gets praise from hounds for its fresh, authentic, down-home Mexican cooking and superior ingredients. “It’s nice to be able to get good Mexican food without having to close one’s eyes to the quality of the meat,” comments lexdevil, who says the red pork posole is “super.”

Chicken posole “was the best I’ve ever had AND it was made with Rocky free-range chicken,” marvels fruti.

Among the tacos, chicken and carnitas are standouts; fruti also really enjoyed the chile relleno. Tacos are $5.95 for three, a reasonable price for the quality, says betterbeheaven.

Taco Grill [East Bay]
3340 E. 12th Street, Oakland

Board Link: Rave for Taco Grill - E. Oakland

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