The newly opened Sun’s Chinese Cuisine in San Mateo has a Northern Chinese menu, and the highlights are the dumplings and noodles, says Chandavkl. The fish dumplings, a rare find in these parts, and shrimp and cucumber dumplings are both tasty. Chandavkl says the jia jiang (black bean sauce) noodles were “very good, the noodles having a firm, crinkly chewiness that you usually don’t see for this dish.” The tofu and fish hotpot and cold appetizer of cold cucumber both bode well for future meals here. Sitka loves the orange beef and pork with garlic sauce.

Speaking of fish dumplings, Sun Tung and Everyday Beijing make excellent ones, says JoyM. Sun Tung also has fantastic pork and dill dumplings, JoyM says, although K K thinks the pork and cabbage ones are overly seasoned. Everyday Beijing’s fish dumplings are made with rock cod and chives, K K says.

Also recommended for fish dumplings: Cafe Yulong, Noodle Shop,
China Stix, and Hi Chiang Dumpling House (a.k.a. HC Dumpling).

Sun’s Chinese Cuisine [Peninsula]
251 S. B Street, San Mateo

Sun Tung [Peninsula]
153 S. B Street, San Mateo

Everyday Beijing [Peninsula]
637 S. B Street, San Mateo

Cafe Yulong [Peninsula]
743 W. Dana Street, Mountain View

Noodle Shop [Peninsula]
164 W. 25th Avenue, San Mateo

China Stix [South Bay]
2110 El Camino Real, Santa Clara

Hi Chiang Dumpling House [South Bay]
10877 N. Wolfe Road, Cupertino

Board Link: Fish Dumplings At Sun Chinese Restaurant in San Mateo

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