People often come back from visiting northern Thailand with a yen for the creamy, curried noodle soup dish khao soi. It turns out that Laos has its own distinct version of khao soi, although both versions are derived from Burmese cuisine.

Vientian Cafe does a spectacular rendition of Laotian khao soi, says cagliostro: “The broth is built around fermented soy bean paste, with finely ground pork, shallots, chili paste, cilantro, bean sprouts, and wide rice noodles.” Make sure to top it with crispy pork rinds, adds yummyrice.

For the Thai version, Chai Thai Noodles offers the most authentic version, cagliostro says.

Vientian Cafe [East Bay]
3801 Allendale Avenue, Oakland

Chai Thai Noodles [East Bay]
545-B International Boulevard, Oakland

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