When you’ve been chopping raw hot chile peppers, hand soap alone is not going to make it safe for you to stick your fingers in your eyes (or nose, for that matter). To remove the malevolent remains of capsaicin from your skin, you want a more powerful degreasing agent, says Paulustrious. Dish soap works well, but for heavy-duty chile oil problems, you might want the special soap mechanics use for washing engine oil off of their hands.

Alcohol also works to neutralize the capsaicin, says brianl999. “Whenever I’m handling peppers, I fill a small ramekin with rubbing alcohol and soak my fingers in it when I’m done,” says brianl999. “Soap and water doesn’t cut it; it really gets in around your nails and such.”

“Citric acid works well, in my experience,” says BigE. “Whenever I make guacamole, I always reserve half a lime to squeeze over my hands to neutralize the capsaicin from the peppers.” And “immersing your hands in yoghurt or milk should stop the burning,” says luckyfatima.

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