Want perfect Thai Isaan sausage? Go to Krua Siri. maiweezy used to think Pailin Thai’s sausage was the tip-top, “but WOW, these juicy, fatty, perfectly sour, perfectly snappy little gems are outrageously good.”

The duck larb is also insanely good, says maiweezy, and the crispy chicken skin pushes the chicken larb over the top. Squid salad is “perfectly assembled and cooked,” says maiweezy.

The specials board one night featured kang som curry, more like a soup than a sauce, with intense, bold flavors. “It tastes like the northern Thai equivalent of kimchee chigae and even looks like it with its intense red color and cabbage swimming throughout,” says maiweezy. Also recommended: the cut-up Thai omelet with herbs inside, over rice.

Krua Siri [Thai Town]
5103 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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