ipsedixit has found canonical nachos at Tinga. The place isn’t superauthentic Mexican, admits ipsedixit, but it makes nachos that are “out-of-this-world good.”

“Thick, house-made tortilla chips; chunky fresh guacamole; good, smoky flavored chicken (not the bland shredded chicken haystacks you generally find); tangy sour cream,” describes ipsedixit. It’s not fancy, not overloaded, just full of “good wholesome ingredients that all taste just fine on their own, but really shine when eaten together in one bite.”

Warning: It’s a small portion, and a bit pricey. But it’s awesome.

Also try “killer good” nachos at Loteria Grill, suggests Servorg. The shredded beef nachos are even better than the chicken nachos.

Tinga [West Hollywood]
142 S. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles

Loteria Grill [Fairfax Village]
6333 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

Discuss: My favorite nachos in Los Angeles are at (wait for it) … Tinga! And yours?

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