Who knew? A lot of gelatin, a little water, and you can make homemade gummy bears! Or gummy anythings, really–for their shapes are limited only by your imagination. And by the molds you can create. As for flavor, that depends on what you find in gelatin mixes; S_K recommends looking in Asian groceries, where she finds flavors like passion fruit and blackcurrant. This recipe calls for a sugar-free gelatin mix, but any kind will work fine, S_K notes.

For the simplest of shapes, pour the mix in a thin layer onto the bottom of mini muffin tins. You’ll get little gummy coins. Or, use regular muffin tins for fatter, sassier gummy medals. You can also use any ice cube trays–the trays with decorative shapes work particularly great. The above recipe also provides instructions for making gummi worms.

For more ambitious projects, with fancy shapes, check out these sources for candy molds:

Sugarcraft has kits especially for making gummy candies in fun shapes like feet and bugs.

Candyland Crafts has candy molds in any and every shape you could imagine.

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