Snow crab three ways—spicy, spare, satisfying—is the don’t-miss special right now at Imperial Palace in Flushing. This blowout banquet order features the signature house preparation, crab steamed over sticky rice, but “a touch spicier than usual and fantastic,” says wew. A stir-fry with scallions comes as a welcome contrast, simple and delicious. And snow crab steamed in a comforting custard with light soy sauce shows once again “just how unbelievable food can be,” wew promises.

Imperial Palace, a Chowhound perennial for Cantonese seafood, also came through for wew with, among other things, a sublime steamed fish with ginger, Hong Kong fried shrimp, stir-fried fresh conch, salted-fish fried rice, and XO oysters, delicious and huge (“I think they were from Bikini Atoll”).

To any wine-lovers thinking of bringing in a bottle or two, wew says knock yourself out. Three especially happy pairings were a 2005 Savennières Clos du Papillon with the crab over rice, a 2005 Brewer-Clifton Sweeney Canyon Chardonnay with the crab custard, and a 2007 F.X. Pichler Dürnsteiner Kellerberg Grüner Veltliner with the stir-fried crab and the fried shrimp (though really, wew adds, the Grüner is “a wine that is fine with anything”).

Imperial Palace [Flushing]
136-13 37th Avenue (near Main Street), Flushing, Queens

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