The Internet’s chattering classes are in a tizzy about Coca-Cola’s new partnership with the American Academy of Family Physicians. The deal: The two groups will collaborate to create educational material to teach consumers about the role beverages and sweeteners can play in a healthy, active lifestyle.

The fuss, therefore, seems to have a sound basis: The American Academy of Family Physicians is charged with “promoting and maintaining high quality standards for family doctors who are providing continuing comprehensive health care to the public,” and Coke is charged with putting as much sugary water into the world’s digestive tracts as possible.

The Atlantic’s blog calls the partnership “an embarrassing conflict of interest.”

The Chicago Tribune’s blog notes in its post’s first sentence that “sugar-laden products have contributed to a global obesity epidemic.”

And Slate takes a whack at last week’s Wall Street Journal op-ed by Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, saying that the thrust of the “we just need to get more exercise!” message is “bull.”

Sometimes it’s tough to be a giant multinational soft drink conglomerate. Love that Mexican Coke, though.

Image source: Flickr member ingridtaylar under Creative Commons

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