Fancy Toast: Reflections on Amy Sedaris envy, googly eyes on food (and Shel Silverstein), plus a lovely sour cream–banana Bundt cake recipe. —Amy

Mele Cotte: Will work for food. Seriously, blogger Christina has motivation to keep this school garden growing: free vegetables! —Amy

I Made That!: There are a whole lotta pine nuts in this cake. —Lisa

Kaiser Penguin: Forget gob-stoppers. I want an Everlasting Gin and Tonic (pictured above). —Lisa

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A six-step program on how to live gluten-free and embrace it. —Christine

My Baking Addiction: Why are there so many types of baking flours and how should you use them? This guide breaks it all down. —Christine

The Perennial Plate: After a dairy cow has given all the milk she’s got to give, there’s still life in the old gal yet. —Omer

Smitten Kitchen: Poach a couple of eggs with this dish and you’ll have the perfect Sunday breakfast. —Omer

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