Sometimes it’s the sauce or marinade that makes all the difference in the deliciousness of a meal, and Chowhounds create favorite condiments in their own kitchens.

“I cannot recommend the ginger-lime dipping sauce in Mai Pham’s Best of Vietnamese & Thai Cooking highly enough,” says Dorothy Dean. “It is absolutely perfectly balanced, extremely easy to make. It is presented as a dipping sauce but I like it as a marinade, stir-fry sauce, etc.”

greygarious loves this stir-fried roasted eggplant, and says that though it’s not intended as a condiment, it works wonderfully as a topping for chicken, fish, or pasta or as a relish for hot dogs or sausages, and is good hot or cold.

“I like this devil’s steak sauce,” says shanagain, “but feel it’s best if you double the recipe and sub tomato paste for the called-for tomato sauce, then don’t cook it down as long as recommended.” She also adds a few shakes of fish sauce.

“I love to make the Argentinian favorite, chimichurri sauce,” says Phurstluv. “I can drink this stuff, but love it on steaks and chops.” Rick Bayless’s simmered tomato-habanero sauce is “incredibly easy, simple, and GOOD,” says 4Snisl.

Discuss: What is the best sauce/condiment you’ve ever made?

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