Chowhounds keep it simple and local when cooking in the outdoors. “I bring some fresh herbs and a fishing pole,” says ultraminimalist Lenox637. Passadumkeg enjoys a more involved variation on the same concept. “The weekend before last, we put lobsters, clams, potatoes and corn on the cob on top of a layer of seaweed on top of the Cobscook State Park camp site grill, added another layer of seaweed, and let her steam” for half an hour—while drinking beer, of course, says Passadumkeg. That’s pretty much the recipe for a real downeast shore dinner.

funklight goes in the other direction with a Dutch oven. “I’ve made pot pies, casseroles, pasta, roasted chicken and fish, crusty bread, and fantastic biscuits and gravy. I can’t wait to try pizza in it now,” says funklight. “The very best part is the delicious seasoning that builds up over time on the iron. Like reliving meals past every time you use it.”

The best camping food of all time is, of course, a banana boat (also known as a banana slug): “Split a banana lengthwise, pack with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips, squeeze the halves together and wrap in foil. Place upright on the fire or grill for a few minutes, open up and HEAVEN,” explains mtngirlnv.

CHOW has plenty of campfire recipe ideas too.

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