blink617 is going on a trip and wants to bring a little piece of Boston to the out-of-town hosts. What’s a nice local something-something that can be had for less than $20?

Taza chocolates are local, of course, and most Whole Foods have a good selection of their wares; Taza also runs booths at many local farmer’s markets.

More esoteric (and more fiercely local than Taza, which is sold all over the U.S.), are Effie’s Homemade Oatcakes and Crispy Corncakes, available at many local stores, including Savenor’s and most locations of Whole Foods. They’re “decadent, buttery biscuits made right in Hyde Park,” drools galleygirl.

Or try the Tuesday’s Harvard Farmers’ Market, a treasure trove of local goods, says dulce de leche. You can find local honey, syrup, jam, bread, chocolate, smoked fish, and one very unique item: a hunk of cooled maple syrup that can be grated and stores “pretty much indefinitely.”

Savenor’s Market [Cambridge]
92 Kirkland Street, Cambridge

Savenor’s Market [Beacon Hill]
160 Charles Street, Boston

Harvard Farmers’ Market [Cambridge]
Oxford and Kirkland streets, Cambridge

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