Victory Bakery and Restaurant is, among other things, a bakery, a baklava factory, a market, and an all-you-can-eat buffet. Most buffets are where food goes do die, but not this one, says Das Ubergeek. “The buffet at Victory Bakery is worth getting over your phobia of steam trays.”

There are three shawarmas available at all times: chicken, lamb, and beef/lamb. The best part? The garlic sauce. “You know that garlic sauce at Zankou that everybody raves about as though it were made from garlic and crack cocaine?” asks Das Ubergeek. “Yeah, well, this is better. Immeasurably so. This is unmistakably hand-pounded, honest-to-God all i oli, made of garlic, salt, and olive oil and absolutely nothing else. Light and fluffy—whoever made this has been doing it for a very long time, because it’s damn near impossible to make oil and garlic into a stable emulsion—like a garlic cloud. I’m telling you, Zankou doesn’t even come close;.”

Yellow lentil soup is also incredible, says Das Ubergeek, who would drive anywhere for this culinary perfection—the depth of flavor of homemade stock, and a transcendent meld of flavors. Stuffed squash is another winner: long Mexican zucchini, stuffed with meat and rice and topped with a thin tomato sauce. “The rice inside soaked up the thin red sauce and it was slightly smoky and slightly sweet,” describes Das Ubergeek.

It’s not always available, but if you see it, scoop up the Lebanese answer to scalloped potatoes: potatoes layered with mushrooms and tahini and baked until crusty. They’re rich, powerful, and earthy, says Das Ubergeek.

For dessert, plumb the Lebanese pastry section, including the pick of the litter: pine nut basma, a sticky-sweet semolina cake. “This is a place worth a considerable drive. They’re clearly proud of what they do, and they should be,” says Das Ubergeek.

Victory Bakery and Restaurant [Orange County]
630 South Brookhurst Street, Anaheim

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