Ichimi-AN has outstanding soba noodles—this has long been known to the Chowhound community. What’s new is the udon noodles, made from scratch in-house every morning. They’re thin and delicate, leagues better than the usual factory-made crud-for-noodles you find around these parts.

Try sudachi oroshi jikasei udon, with citrus and grated daikon. Take a bite, and “a wave of spring” washes over you, says exilekiss. “Bright, vibrant, green, gorgeous notes of the unmistakable sudachi citrus fruit stand in the spotlight, but then the deep-in-the-earth flavors of the grated daikon radish hit next,” says exilekiss.

The style here is not the flavor-intensive ramen style, but the classical Japanese minimal-and-pure thing. Ichimi-AN’s tori nanban udon—chicken soup with udon noodles—is nothing like the usual spice-laden, vinegary nanban. It has subtle tartness throughout each piece of chicken, served in a quiet homemade dashi broth. The udon noodles here are softened by the hot soup.

Ichimi-AN’s most popular udon dish is tororo mozuku, cold udon with grated mountain yam, seaweed, ginger, and quail egg. It’s a creamy, silky, slick dish, says exilekiss. “A bit of an ocean breeze from the various kelp and seaweed, a touch of tart, but mostly a lightly savory, viscous noodle dish with a nice chew.”

Ichimi-AN [South Bay]
1618 Cravens Avenue, Torrance

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