Rarely do you get a new high-end restaurant that’s perfect right off the bat. But Noir is brand new, and yet already “the most finely crafted, well-oiled culinary machine I can remember experiencing anywhere,” says Will Owen.

This is a small plates place, full of intriguing and unusual items, all well-priced, says Will Owen. The wine list is similarly thoughtful. The service is astonishingly sweet. It is obviously “conceived, executed, and staffed by solid, honest professionals,” says Will Owen.

Lamb chops with harissa and mushroom are two beautiful lamb riblets, with a seared crust and meat that’s juicy and savory, not flabby like rare lamb can be, says Will Owen. It exudes a tasty sauce, meant for mopping up with bread. The charcuterie platter is also excellent, and includes prosciutto, Spanish-style chorizo, dry salame, nuts, whole-grain mustard, and a bit of orange marmalade.

Noir is already crowded and loud, but otherwise a class act, says Will Owen.

Noir Food and Wine [San Gabriel Valley]
40 North Mentor Avenue, Pasadena

Board Link: Noir: Grace and Goodness

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