The 2010 Michelin Guide for NYC was released yesterday, and commenters in the blog world went crazy over the usual stuff: Who lost a star (Del Posto), what unlikely candidates got one (Rhong-Tiam), and so on. “This reads like the list a guy who lived in NY back in the 80s and occasionally reads New York or visits friends in the city on a weekend might write!” ranted one Eater reader.

But, so far, little has been made of the fact that this year’s Michelin looks at cheaper eats, too. It has an expanded Bib Gourmand category, which lists restaurants where you can get two dishes and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less (some of my favorite Brooklyn haunts like Marlow & Sons and Prime Meats made the cut), and has an added, even cheaper list featuring 109 restaurants doing $25-and-under meals that Michelins’ inspectors deem worthy.

The guide still feels a little behind the curve. This year it also notes if restaurants has good cocktail programs, but doesn’t have a similar system for rating beer programs. And it has a special “small plates” category, which just feels very 2006. So by that measure, honest-to-goodness “I just got laid off”–style budget options can’t be far behind. I’m expecting next year’s version to contain an ultra-dated-already haute street food section.

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