Growing up, there were a lot of snacks “up for grabs” at the lunch table, but Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler flavor wasn’t one of them. If someone was actually willing to give it up or had packed two just in case, it would be traded for the grade-A foods like Doritos or Ding Dongs. I once even saw a kid give up an In-N-Out burger for one. And there was a reason for that: Ecto Cooler was amazing! It was a refreshing, sugary drink, with notes of lemon and lime, not to mention the wonderful coating it left in your mouth; something that Jolly Ranchers went for but never achieved.

According to Wikipedia, the Ecto Cooler flavor first came onto the scene in 1987, as a product tie-in to the animated series, The Real Ghostbusters. Though it was only supposed to run for the length of the show, it was so successful that it continued on 10 years after the cartoon had been canceled. And when the drink did leave the shelves, Matt Caracappa, founder of the blog X-Entertainment, revealed that the drink wasn’t discontinued at all, but just renamed to Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen. It got renamed again to Crazy Citrus Cooler, and was finally laid to rest a few years back.

There’s still seems to be a soft spot in people’s hearts for Ecto Cooler: It has a large Facebook following, there’s a cocktail inspired by it, someone even went through the trouble of buying the domain for, though so far the website only features a broken YouTube video link.

So Minute Maid, here’s my plea: Since Ghostbusters the Video Game was recently released, and a new Ghostbusters film is supposedly in the works (slated to be released in 2012), the momentum is building, and the sound market advice seems plain as day: BRING BACK ECTO COOLER! You could really diversify this time, with an Ecto Energy Drink, a mixer for cocktails, you could even market an organic version, made with raw cane sugar, because many of us who lived through the heyday of Ecto Cooler are now subjugated to the pressures of eating a more “progressive” diet.

I am firing off a carefully worded letter to Minute Maid and hopefully I’ll hear back. I’ll let you guys know if anything happens.

Image source: That’s Important!

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