T.Clark had an epic day in which he wound up eating part of seven different pizzas from four different establishments, and his epiphany is yours without the need for TUMS: “Now I’m on my way home with 7 partially eaten pizzas. I reflected on my pizza day and all I wanted was another slice of OTTO’s. Their crust is delicious, you don’t want to stop eating it.”

T.Clark’s epitomical OTTO pies came from a branch in Maine, but there is a Harvard Square OTTO. According to bobbert, a frequenter of Maine’s OTTO, the pizza is “exactly the same” in Harvard Square. “Even the store is just like the original in Portland. I love the place for, not only the pizza, but the whole business model. First, they start with a great product. Then they basically make you take your slice and leave as there’s no room to stay—this keeps the rent low. The prices: $3.00 per slice and $1.00 per drink—they don’t even have to make change.”

We’ve noticed OTTO before, but at the time weren’t sure if the pizza was worthwhile. A few months later, the hounds have given it a firm “a-yup.” opinionatedchef was thrilled with a recent visit: “For me, pizza’s almost all about the crust and the marinara, and both of these were top notch.The crust is thin, blistered, crunchy, chewy in all the right ways. The marinara is, as in Rome, just top quality canned Marzano tomatoes. Toppings were high quality and well proportioned (except for skimpy bacon and spinach).”

OTTO Pizza [Cambridge]
1432 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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