The First Lady will be on Sesame Street to talk about healthy eating for the opening episode of the show’s 40th season, set to air in November. Meanwhile, advance video of her appearance has already been released, and Conan O’Brien couldn’t resist airing it:

TIME’s television critic James Poniewozik also had some (tongue-in-cheek) harsh words for Ms. Obama, accusing her of spreading a “radical/Marxist/fascist message about planting gardens and eating vegetables.” Poniewozik goes on to say: “The veggies program is part of ‘a two-year science initiative designed to increase positive attitudes towards nature, deepen children’s knowledge about the natural world and encourage behavior that shows respect and care for the environment.’ What happens in the second year, Sesame Street? Is that when you send our children off to the socialist farming collectives? Oh, also, I’ll decide whether or not my children respect and care for the environment, thank you very much.”

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