Want the best sandwich in Orange County? Many hounds get behind Harry’s Deli. “He makes everything himself, down to the mustard and mayonnaise,” says Das Ubergeek. All the sandwiches are good. If pressed, Das Ubergeek would pick the sometimes-available steak sandwich, or the meatball—but honestly, every single sandwich is great. Also worthy: chili, a nice mix of beans and meat. “Harry’s is a little expensive but justified by the ingredients and care taken in the sandwich,” says js76wisco.

For a less traditional take, try Nana Jean’s. There’s an excellent veggie grilled cheese sandwich, with Brie, cheddar, oven-dried tomatoes, and cranberry-Dijon. If that sounds too girly and trendy for you, try the meatloaf sandwich, says Joani Macaroni, and ocshooter agrees: meatloaf, bacon, and cheese—one of the best sandwiches around. This is a family place with really good comfort food with a trendy twist, says Joani Macaroni.

Harry’s Deli [Orange County]
17881 Sky Park Circle, Irvine

Nana Jean’s [Orange County]
313 El Camino Real, Tustin

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