Nepalese food isn’t common in Boston, and recently transplanted hound BokChoi had never tried it at all. Annapurna Restaurant turned out to be an inspired introduction to the cuisine. Order like BokChoi did and you won’t go wrong:

Chicken momos, which are steamed and filled with ground chicken, cilantro, and Himalayan herbs, accompanied by a yogurt sauce.
Samosas, which BokChoi says have thin, flaky homemade wrappers: “When bit into, it puffs and your mouth is filled with this delicate aroma of spices and the silky texture of the potatoes just nestles against your tongue.”
• Incredible naans that are thin, not doughy and thick.
• High-quality rice that is fluffy, firm, and fragrant: “It’s such subtle detail like this (and the fact that they top each rice bowl with a dainty fresh green pea) that make our dining experiences at Annapurna so satisfying,” says BokChoi.
Saag paneer with spinach that’s still chewy, not green mush.
Aloo gobi mutter with sweet, crisp peas and cauliflower.
Goat biryani, with light fluffy rice and tender goat.

“I was so very impressed with their curries and how everything tasted so incredibly different that I once asked Chef about it. He told me that he arrived each morning to the restaurant at 7 a.m. to grind each one of the up to 20 different herbs and spices that would go into each one of his UNIQUE curries,” says BokChoi. Now that’s a far cry from using a prepackaged curry paste.

Annapurna Restaurant [North Cambridge]
2088 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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