’Tis finally the season to take advantage of all those long subway lines with excellent food and outdoor subway platforms. The 7 line is a great example, especially for those who love to gawk at graffiti as they rumble along. mick is determined to take advantage of the 7 train, which stretches from Times Square to Flushing.

But where to get off the train? “WHAT are the top three food destinations?” he demands to know. That’s a tough one. You’ve got Thai in Elmhurst and Indian in Jackson Heights, Chinese in Flushing and M. Wells Diner in Long Island City. Steve R pipes up with SriPraPhai and the Flushing Golden Mall. CitySpoonful likes Corona (presumably for Mexican), Flushing and 74th street.

But mick is looking for “don’t miss” lunch dish recommendations, too. Hmm. Here’s a wonderful thread about what to order in Flushing to get him started.

If you had to pick three stops, and three food items, along the 7 line, where would you go?

M. Wells Diner [Long Island City]
21-17 49th Avenue, Queens

SriPraPhai [Woodside]
64-13 39th Avenue, Queens

Golden Shopping Mall [Flushing]
41-28 Main Street, Queens
No phone available

Discuss: WHAT are the top three food destinations off the 7 line???

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