For a while, the reigning Chowhound favorite for dumplings was the beloved Noodle House on Garvey in Monterey Park, where the cooks skillfully rolled out each dumpling by hand the moment you ordered them, and where the skins were perfectly toothsome and the fillings gorgeous. Then Noodle House changed hands, and the quality dropped.

But the cooks of the original Noodle House have opened up a new place—also called Noodle House—in Rowland Heights. “The food was every bit as good as we remembered,” says yangster. “As well it should… we recognized a couple of the cooks working in the kitchen.”

Apparently, the owner of Noodle House decided the old location was too small, so picked up and moved house. The new location is about three or four times larger and boasts a big window into the kitchen.

Noodle House [San Gabriel Valley]
18219 E. Gale Avenue #A, Rowland Heights

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