It’s been recommended enthusiastically under its alias, “the no-name market at Summit and Hammond,” but Wild Swede has solved the mystery–this great Mexican spot is actually called La Bodeguita. That won’t help you find it, though, since the name isn’t anywhere on the storefront.

(Apparently, this is their fourth location; all other locations are in the north Pasadena/Fair Oaks area).

But it’s worth seeking out for excellent carnitas, crispy in some parts, juicy in others, and for tripas fried crisp like calamari. In fact, you can get anything fried crispy if you just ask. Burritos are monstrous, and absolutely delicious. For $4 you’ll get a groaning tortilla-wrapped package of rice, beans, meat (of your choice), onions, cilantro and red or green salsa. There’s also guacamole (run through the blender) on the table.

This place is family-run: Isaura and her son Ismael, who speaks English, work during the day and Isaura’s husband Fernando runs the place in the evenings. The food is cooked in back all day, but in the evenings (5-8 p.m.) and at lunchtime they make the tacos at a cart out front. You can even get the taco cart to come to your place for a party!

Important note: Isaura will make corn tortillas by hand on request (not the ones they use in the taqueria). They’re $1.50 for 4.

mr mouther, one of the original boosters of “the no-name market,” loves their tamales.

La Bodeguita Mini Market [Pasadena-ish]
1135 N. Summit Ave., Hammond, Pasadena

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