Tossing together a bowl of coleslaw is easier than ever, thanks to bags of pre-shredded slaw veggies in the produce section. But whether you shred the cabbage yourself or not, you need a real good dressing to make a worthy slaw. Here are chowhounds’ best recipes for creamy-style slaw dressings.

Will Owen’s recipe begins with equal parts mayonnaise (preferably Hellman’s/Best Foods) and buttermilk. Then add to taste: wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice, sweet pickle relish, Tabasco, salt, and a little sugar, if you like. Toss it with the vegetables, cover and refrigerate for a couple of hours. The salt will draw moisture from the raw veggies and wilt them a bit. About a cup will dress a standard bag of slaw mix.

The key seasoning in dfrostnh’s recipe is celery seed. It dresses a big batch of slaw; if you want to cut down the recipe, just keep the ratios of sugar, vinegar, and mayo the same, he says, and add the other ingredients to taste.

2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup white vinegar
1/3 cup kosher dill pickle juice
1 tsp salt
1 T celery seed
1 1/3 cups mayonnaise

Rubee makes a crowd-pleasing Caesar coleslaw, using the mayo-based dressing in this recipe and thinning it with sour cream. She tosses it with regular green cabbage and shredded carrots, or Savoy cabbage and scallions.

For another unconventional take, Millicent recommends using half regular mayo and half wasabi mayo (she likes Trader Joe’s version), and adding scallions.

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