When kitchen knives get dull, fingers get sliced. Keep things in keen condition at one of these places in the Boston area that offer sharpening services: KitchenArts on Newbury Street, which charges about $3 to $8 a knife for its overnight services; Siraco Sharpening Service, which has various drop-off spots for customers in Cambridge, Everett, and Arlington (and is also at the Union Square Market every second and fourth Saturday, says bella_sarda), and European Country Antiques in Cambridge, which keeps a knife guru on tap.

But best of all, says Zatan, is the highly skilled Dave Martell, edge-master for D&R Sharpening Solutions, who does an artisan’s job on fine Japanese knives. Customers send knives mail order to the Pennsylvania shop. “I would NEVER send one of these babies off to a commercial sharpener,” says Zatan, who keeps his knives “screaming sharp” with a whetstone at home. But Dave is “far and away better than I will ever be and you can definitely trust him to do fine work.”

KitchenArts [Back Bay]

215 Newbury Street, Boston

Siraco Sharpening Service [North of Boston]
P.O. Box 45369, Somerville

European Country Antiques [Cambridge]
146 Huron Avenue, Cambridge

D&R Sharpening Solutions [Pennsylvania]
319 N. Franklin Street, Unit D, Fleetwood

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