“First, let me say that hot doggery is an intensely personal thing. Whatever you grew up eating is ‘what a hot dog should be,’” explains Das Ubergeek. “For me, it’s brown mustard and sauerkraut. No onions, no relish, no chili, and fortheloveofallthat’sholy NO KETCHUP.”

He says he recently enjoyed the best hot dog he’s had since he came to California 10 years ago, and it came from a cart outside a Home Depot. (Where else did you expect a truly worthy hot dog to be? At some Beverly Hills joint?) “Great snap, nice bun that didn’t split or mush, brown mustard, sauerkraut,” reports Das Ubergeek. The cart guy was also really nice, and was using a flat-top grill.

“While it wasn’t exactly cheap it hit the spot,” says Das Ubergeek, “and that’s what Chowhounding is all about.”

Hot dog cart outside Home Depot [Orange County]
435 W. Katella Avenue, Orange
No phone available

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