Lunasia is a little more expensive than the average San Gabriel dim summery. A standard shrimp har gow order, for example, is $3.08. But it’s worthwhile, says wesleywong.

The pea-tip scallop dumplings are delectable and different, with soft skin, chewy toppings, and warm insides. Soft-shell crab is an atypical dish, and excellent: fried, spicy, and salty. Macao roasted pork belly, a $7 chef’s specialty, is delicately sliced pork, with crispy skin, and just the right small amount of fat balancing out the meat. Hong Kong roasted duck has quality pieces of bird and nicely crispy skin.

Other stuff to try: black bean spareribs, which are lean and delicious rather than drenched in oil like at most other places; the shrimp rice noodles, which come with huge pieces of properly cooked shrimp; and egg custards, which have a rich filling and delightfully toasty crust.

The prices are a bit higher, says ipsedixit, but “any time I go to joints that compete solely on price, I always regret it and feel like for $1 or $2 more per dish I could be about $10 richer in the ‘happiness quotient.’”

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine [San Gabriel Valley]
500 W. Main Street, Alhambra

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