When Una Pizza Napoletana closed in July, Manhattan Chowhounds had one less option for authentic Naples-style pie. For a couple of months, anyway. Una Pizza’s magnificent obsessive, Anthony Mangieri, turned over the lease to the owner of Motorino in Brooklyn, who reopened the place with his own hound-endorsed take on Neapolitan pizza.

Early visitors to Motorino’s week-old East Village location praise its delicious, evenly blistered crust from the wood-burning Acunto brick oven that Mangieri ordered made by hand in Naples. CalJack’s margherita featured bright, acidic sauce, rich mozzarella di bufala (though perhaps not enough of it), and a pleasingly varied texture. He walks us through it, inside to out: “I enjoyed how each slice evolved from a slightly soggy center into a crisp mid-section before expanding into chewy mouthfuls at its outer reaches.”

Next to its predecessor’s Spartan menu of four pies, Motorino’s is a pizza smorgasbord—seven choices, with the promise of seasonal toppings like Brussels sprout leaves (a current offering) and, deeper into fall, shaved porcini or black truffles with Taleggio.

Motorino [East Village]
349 E. 12th Street (between First and Second avenues), Manhattan

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