An uncommonly thin and delicate skin distinguishes the pan-fried dumplings at XSG Dumpling House. hhhippo finds the pork-chive filling juicy and flavorful, the bottom fried to perfect golden crispness, and the whole package one of the best in town.

hhhippo has sampled most of the usual suspects among New York’s four-for-a-buck dumpling joints—the nearby Kai Feng Fu and Family Dumpling, as well as Prosperity, Dumpling House, and others in Manhattan. XSG belongs in the conversation, he says.

It also rolls out the familiar lineup of filled, grilled wheat pancakes. They’re uneven, hhhippo reports. The beef one is light on beef. But vegetable garnishes are more lush than usual: carrot, lettuce, cucumber, and more. What really sets XSG apart from the competition is the sesame pancake, freshly griddled and often served warm and steamy.

XSG Dumpling House [Sunset Park]
5301 Eighth Avenue (at 53rd Street), Brooklyn

Board Link: New Dumpling House in Sunset Park, 53rd just off Eighth

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