I’m a member of the marketing committee for CUESA, the nonprofit organization that, among other things, puts on the farmers’ markets at San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza. And if you are in the Bay Area and support local agriculture, you should be at CUESA’s annual fundraiser, the Sunday Supper, on October 4.

The impulse to plead and lecture is strong. Keywords include Michael Pollan, industrial agriculture, monoculture, and factory feedlots. These are huge threats to our well-being—with the exception of Michael Pollan, whose name is merely there to conjure up a kind face and soothing voice. Buying a ticket to the Sunday Supper isn’t going to save our food system from destruction. But it will help CUESA help the farmers and producers who are helping save our food system from destruction. Is that clear?

So now, the teasing. Your $200—for that is what a ticket costs—gains you access to the reception and supper (for $75, you can just go to the reception). That money, in the long run, goes toward thwarting previously mentioned destruction. For more on that, see above. Also, see Michael Pollan. In the short run, the money goes toward a ridiculously amazing meal. Each table (they’re seated family-style) gets a different menu, with different wine pairings, different beer pairings, and different chefs. Nopa’s Laurence Jossel is preparing a course of Marin Sun Farms sausage, pretzels, house mustard, and seasonal slaw. The list of participating chefs is long and dreamy—Dennis Lee, Stuart Brioza, Chris Kronner. I could swoon on, but I won’t. Just buy a ticket, please. It’s worth it.

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