If you’re staying away from meat but have visions of Cantonese food dancing in your head, head over to Ming’s Diner, advises K K.

Ming’s regular Cantonese offerings have been praised on the board before, but K K found dozens of vegetarian versions of Cantonese classics, even vegetarian shark’s fin soup and breaded eel. Mind you, “vegetarian” doesn’t mean “healthy.” A lot of the dishes are deep-fried or stir-fried. And beware the complimentary house soup, which is made from (real) pork bones. If you’re OK with that, it does have a nice homestyle feel, with vegetables and herbs.

Pei pa tofu, or dragon balls (#122), are seasoned balls of tofu stuffed with vegan ham and fried. Served with broccoli and enoki mushrooms, it’s especially tasty with rice. House special combination vegetarian clay pot (#147) goes all-out with vegan substitutes: vegan fishballs, vegan pork intestines, vegan preserved meat, vegan squid, and vegan shrimp mingle with cabbage, mushrooms, and bean thread noodles.

For dessert, there’s a nice sweet green bean soup.

Ming’s Diner [Sunset]
2129 Taraval Street, San Francisco

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