What food makes you happy? It’s not necessarily the food that tastes best, or the most intricate recipe. For inaplasticcup, it’s “really perfect specimens of fruit at the peak of ripeness and eaten at room temp, my favorites being strawberries, mangoes, tomatoes, Tuscan melons, and peaches. Super fresh raw things from the sea also please me to no end: uni, oysters, prawns, scallops, geoduck, belly cuts of various fish.” For lynnlato, it’s bacon, foie gras, fresh eggs, and good cheese—”and if someone could make a Portuguese pastel de nata magically appear before me I would be the happiest lady!” she says.

mariacarmen says, “a BLT with the perfect tomato, a barbecue potato chip, a spoonful of liverwurst, a ripe peach, a bite of foie gras, ankimo, a sliver of truffle, yellowtail sashimi, a raw oyster—these things all actually fill me with euphoria through each bite. Most food makes me feel happy, content and nurtured, but certain things send me to another world.”

shecrab‘s nutritional sunshine includes “home-grown tomato sandwich on squishy white store bread slathered with Hellman’s, Maldon, and freshly cracked pepper eaten over the kitchen sink. Zowie! A beautiful crispy edged fried egg with home fries and thick cut bacon shatteringly crisp. Warm from the sun berries in a bowl with fresh cream. Sweet simplicity.”

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