StriperGuy can’t stop himself from raving about the quality of fruit he finds at Arax: “On any given visit, Arax will consistently, all year long, have at least one or two fruit that blow my mind.” Recent examples include kiwi berries, Haitian mangoes, small French plums, and very aromatic pears. “I thought I knew fragrant pears. Had them a hundred times. The ones I had last week were the best I have ever eaten.”

“It’s always an adventure what you might find there,” agrees cpingenot. “Chinese long beans, saturn peaches, those AMAZING French melons, fresh (uncured) olives, fresh almonds.”

Arax’s herb selection is also choice; shoppers should note that the many herbs, like oregano and mint, are up front on the counter in bags instead of back with the parsley and the cilantro. In fact, eagle-eyed hounds notice an awful lot of interesting stuff up there by the register, like Egyptian spinach, purslane, and nicely priced pints of berries.

StriperGuy has a final tip: “Ask the BIG young guy, one of the three siblings now running the place, which fruit he recommends. Heck, he’s at the Chelsea produce market every morning at 4:00 a.m. tasting and buying the stuff, then driving the truck on home. He has never failed me. If he says it’s GOOD, it’s better than good.”

Arax Market [MetroWest]
585 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown

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