Munching on dates au naturel—even perfect, fresh, in-season dates—gets overwhelmingly sweet pretty quickly, says Hapgood. Is there a way to enjoy dates that preserves their integrity, but isn’t cloying?

Try a traditional Ramadan-fast-breaking snack, suggests luckyfatima, by dipping those fresh, sweet dates in tahini. “It is absolutely delicious,” says luckyfatima. “The tahini neutralizes some of the excessive sweetness of the dates and the pairing is just wonderful. You just pour some tahini on your plate, or use a tiny East Asian–style sauce dipping bowl filled with the tahini, dip and eat.”

Or you could go with the suggestion of Niki in Dayton: “Split them and fill them with cream cheese or goat cheese, or chorizo, then wrap in bacon and broil.”

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