Eric Steinman of MSN’s Delish blog raves up Surryano Sliced Dry-Cured ham, a pasture-raised Berkshire pork from Surry Farms of Virginia. His frame of reference, for those Iberophiles among us, is as follows:

“In the window [of a shop in Florence, Italy,] was a display of Iberian ham (also known as pata negra), which is a tremendously sweet, and tremendously rare (at least to us Americans), Spanish ham raised on a steady diet of acorns and cured for 36 months. It is sliced paper thin, and the flavor is unlike what you would expect from any pork product—let alone ham. My colleague and I raced in, got a small dish of Iberian ham, and had one of those memorable culinary experiences that make a lasting impression.”

According to Steinman, Surryano isn’t a dead ringer for Iberian ham, but it’s “deliciously close.” Sounds good enough for a closer inspection

Image source: Flickr member zugaldia under Creative Commons

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