In early May kathryn delivered grim news for lovers of Indian mangoes, the sweet imported mangoes whose charms are well-described in this NPR piece. The news: They may not be available in New York this year!

Good news came this weekend for mango maniacs, however: CitySpoonful spied the fruit, and even bought them, “at Patel Bros in Jax Heights.” Phew! He shelled out a bit: $3 for two little mangoes. He reports, “The two I bought aren’t quite ripe yet, so haven’t had a chance to try them yet, but I have never met an Indian mango I didn’t like!” kathryn was apparently on Indian Mango Watch 2011, since she spotted the report within hours and replied, “Awesome! They had told me not to expect any!” So give Patel Brothers a call if you’re craving the sweet, messy treats—and report back if there are any left!

Patel Brothers [Jackson Heights]
37-27 74th Street, Queens

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